About This Blog

Welcome!  This site grew out of a random post about church reader boards (and signs and slogans) on an unrelated blog. Hundreds of people came to the blog looking for help finding clever sayings for their churches.  

The blog let them down.  So we researched online options for these churches and there seemed to be two:  pay for professional help or go to sites that are dedicated to bashing these signs.  Once we realized there was a need, we felt called to help all the hard working church employees and volunteers who are in charge of these signs and provide a blog that is dedicated strictly to signs and slogans. 

Some are tongue in cheek but we recognize the art of balancing earnest intentions with whimsy.It’s a lot harder to write these slogans than we ever imagined!   We have a new found respect for all of you who write those slogans on church reader boards. Please leave comments.  If you have a great idea, please share it.  If you want an idea around a specific theme, please let the blog users know.  We are new to this but know we will improve with experience and we hope to add about 20 entries per week.  If you think these are horrible, then please say so, but also first give it a try. 

We saw many sites dedicated to how bad “Church Marketing” can be; what is interesting is that reader boards are probably not going anywhere so if you are a Christian then why not contribute to the solution if it helps others in their faith or in finding a glimmer of hope? (Romans 14:13 anyone? not a perfect analogy but you get the gist).  If you are not a Christian but a lover of the English language, then please help us improve your life experiences (because you know you can’t help but read those signs).

Thanks & God bless.


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